Stay & Build

Engaging Hong Kong's next generation to build the future we need​​

This 2021 Stay & Build programme has ended, stay tuned or head to our website  for more similar programmes!

Why Now?


of youth wish to leave Hong Kong, according to a CUHK poll


of university-educated under 35’s plan to pursue work elsewhere

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For those who are unwilling to accept
the negativity and threat of an exodus…

It is time to Stay and Build!

Low economic mobility. Lack of promising employment opportunities. Unaffordable housing. Political uncertainty. Mental and physical health concerns.

These are real problems. But they are not insurmountable.

The solutions Hong Kong needs must come from the next generation. Actively participating in building their future instils a sense of purpose and inspiration. It unleashes untapped potential. As an employer, sponsor, partner, community leader, your support and engagement is vital.

Over the past 7 years, through our annual Young Leaders Programme (YLP), GIFT has facilitated the creation of a body work overflowing with promising ideas for the future of Hong Kong.

Now, in a fresh, accessible, and empowering new format, GIFT is enabling young professionals to construct their future. Join us to Stay & Build!

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Leaving Hong Kong isn’t the answer. Staying and building a new one is                                           

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Don’t Write Hong Kong’s Obituary Just Yet  


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Hong Kong’s Young People Can Be Trusted With the City’s Future. Give Them a Stake, and a Chance

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Stay & Build Hong Kong

But How?

Focused on implementation of practical pilot schemes and initiatives, Stay & Build consists of 7 intensive days of learning, questioning, collaborating, ideating and designing. 

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Programme Structure

3 Days
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Classroom-based & Experiential Learning
2 Days
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Site Visits & Stakeholder Engagement
2 Days
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Producing Proposals & Action Plans 

Our Partners

Participants will get the opportunity to collaborate with an illustrious list of organisations on projects aimed at addressing Hong Kong’s biggest challenges.

          hong kong housing societyhong kong federation of youth groupsCASE-2-LOGO

land education foundation      farmacy

Our Journey

Our Stay & Build Journey

November- December 2021

Breaking ground within the policy sphere

GIFT's one-of-a-kind initiative led to the successful inception and subsequent implementation of the assigned pilot projects. Through the program's unique structure, a diverse set of individuals came together to develop pilot solutions with partners that address pressing social issues. 


With GIFT’s support, participants developed the pilot plans and proposals as outlined in the final report.
  • Participants presented their pilot plans at a presentation to Project Partners and a diverse group of stakeholders on 3 December 2021.

  • Their submissions are detailed in the 2021 Stay & Build Final Report. 

Our Pilot Solutions

Breaking Ground for Community Sports & Wellness Hubs

Prioritising Local Food Production for Health & Sustainability

Co-designing Public Open Space for Enhanced Liveability

Launching a Platform for Open & Constructive Dialogue

Expanding Caregiving for Dignified Ageing in Place

Personal Benefits

S&B fire
Cultivating hope for the future through deepening a sense of purpose 
S&B bulb
Countering pessimism to inspire a can-do spirit and drive positive culture change
S&B solve
Inspiring personal ownership of solutions, instead of problems
S&B hammer_1
Hands-on experience managing team dynamics
to produce outcomes
S&B strategy-1
Embracing a strategic mindset and
honing critical thinking skills
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Stay & Build Hong Kong

Who can join?

Young professionals (5-10 years experience)

from business, government, civil society, & academia. 

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Applications for the 2021 Stay & Build Programmge have now closed.

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